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Posted by on Sep 17, 2007


I just received this crazy invitation to go with my friend Jon Pritikin to SRI LANKA in a couple weeks! We leave October 1 and come home around the 7th. Sri Lanka is an island just south of INDIA.
I’m totally stoked and looking forward to the adventure, and I’m auctioning off my old, beloved Echolac suitcase in order to provide an opportunity for you to be a part! Other than my airfare, no finances have been provided yet for this trip, so I thought this would be a fun way to get people involved…
I have a new suitcase now 🙂 but this one has seen a LOT of miles. It was one of my first suitcases, traveling as far as Costa Rica and Brazil…an essential part of my touring gear. The bright yellow color has always made it easy to spot coming down the baggage chute! There’s great memories attached to it too, like burning it accidentally on a cabin heater, dragging it through a snowdrift, and meeting my wife at Mandalay Bay for my birthday. It’s hauled tons of CDs, cables, pedals, and even a Ukulele! It measures about
28” high and 22” across. The outer plastic shell is nice and hard, wheels role smoothly, and the seals are all still good. Even though the front handle/lock area is broken, it still closes and functions perfectly. Inside sleeve and zipper pocket is in good condition, too. It’s a great functioning suitcase and a piece of ROCK AND ROLL HISTORY! …maybe a fun idea for a musician just starting out, or someone who likes a little more depth and meaning to their stuff…or maybe just something for you or your church group to store stuff in!

It’s up for auction right now (until Monday night, Sept. 24) on EBAY. Every penny goes directly to this trip and mission ahead… THANKS FOR BEING A PART!


I would LOVE to be able to GIVE AWAY CDs while I’m there. Would you consider helping me do that, by donating $5 per CD to be given away? Just click to this donation link HERE. Write in your donation amount, say something about “CDs for Sri Lanka” and we’ll make it happen! Thank you!!!

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  1. Hey man, I’m praying for you and a fruitful time of ministry in Sri Lanka. Post some pictures as soon as you can.

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