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Spiritual Direction

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Spiritual Direction has been called “holy listening”. In Spiritual Direction people pledge to journey together for a time in order to listen together for God’s voice in one of their lives. Through a prayerful listening and reflecting, in a confidential setting of prayer and encouragement, we seek to discern God’s leading.

Spiritual Direction assumes that God is at work in our lives: our relationships, our work, our leisure and quiet. God is present in our doubt and frustration and pain as well as in our certainty, our joy and our healing. Sometimes it is difficult to discern the Spirit’s presence or movement, or to follow the call. God is the real director of our lives, but an experienced companion can often help you hear or notice what is real, and respond.

Holding a masters degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Biola University, he’s trained in many facets of spiritual guidance, supervision of spiritual directors, and various retreat approaches including the Exercises of St. Ignatius.

Justin currently serves as Pastor of Worship at Grace Community Church in Seal Beach and as a Spiritual Director for Grafted Life and Biola University. Because of his background as a songwriter, recording artist, and worship leader, he has a unique heart for artists, musicians, and the creative community. His passion is to walk alongside others as they discover their unique calling and freedom in Christ. He and his wife of 25 years live in Southern California, and have four children, ages 15-22.

Spiritual Direction is available in-person (at his church office in Seal Beach) and online. Email for schedule and location inquiries, and for more details view a sample of the Spiritual Direction Covenant.





  1. on your profile page there is a concert on Jan 4 in rocklin, but on the other list it is not mentioned. is that Jan 4 date still good?

  2. So sorry, bro – that date got canceled! We are hoping to reschedule for another time, but nothing is set yet…

    Thanks for checking in!


  3. hey Justin and the fam!
    just wanted to say everything you are about is great! you did great while with us at the neibrohood church, you changed my look at my own life with a big change. thank you. keep doin what your doin guys!
    love to see ya again thats for sure! 🙂 good luck, even though luck has nothing to do with it, good faith.

  4. Justin
    you helped me to open my heart a bit more . You are a treasure that I will share with with my posse. .”My buddy Casey is a poolman ,
    yes it’s true
    he likes to play guitar
    and sing songs too ”
    Thank you for the inspiration for my buddy James who is in Jail
    David Rogerson

  5. Hey Justin,

    You don’t know me but we are neighbors, my wife knows your wife via Ms Godbers class, small world…

    I heard about you several years ago when you moved into the neighborhood, but that was that. Today is my first time to your Website and my first time listening to your work, good stuff especially “California”. What a blessing to know that you are serving the Lord doing what you love and have a passion for.

    I will make it a point to come by and introduce myself.

    Blessings, Brad

  6. Justin, thank you so much for coming all the way out to the desert in Silver Springs, Nevada. You and your band were such a big blessing to us and we so look forward to Gods next nudge to get you guys back here. We will be praying for you and your moving with the Lord more and more in His timing and His planning. Thank you and your precious wife for listening to Him and coming on out!
    Pastors Rick and Teresa Mc Kinney
    New Hope Recovery Ranch
    New Hope Christian Fellowship
    Silver Springs, Nevada

  7. Hey Justin, sign me up for your newsletter

  8. I am listening to you right now at First Christian – you’re awesome!

  9. Justin, are you going to be in Bakersfield anytime soon?? I haven’t seen you perform since the recording of the video at NMC.


  10. Great Whites, surf, and Justin Fox…oh my! Glad to hear you are going to make it to the right coast. Bad news, beaches were closed this weekend due to some sightings of Great Whites…hope to have that solved soon. Water is still about 64 deg..
    More importantly, we anticipate your time of ministry out here and are glad you can make the trek and share your gifts with us. See you on Cape Cod!

    Thanks Bro.


  11. justin really looking forward to the tent revival in may everyone is jazzed youre comming lord willing. totally cool your youngest getting baptised praise God

  12. justin tent revival commimg in may give me a call see if we can set something up may 14-18-12

  13. Hey Justin,

    I miss your concerts. Any chance you are making a trip up to the Bakersfield area any time soon? Pleeeeeease!

  14. Hi Justin,

    I writing you to request that you be a part of the ukulele related book I am attempting to put together. I have been collecting signed photos and short bios from ukulele soloists and musicians who regularly use the ukulele in their music. I would be delighted if I could include you in this endevour as I know you play the ukulele frequently in your music. I have collected photo/bios from about 35 folks from around the world who use the ukulele in a variety of different types of music. I’d be quite excited to add you to this collection. I am hoping to have this published as kind of a “who’s who” in ukulele world once it is complete.
    My address is as follows:

    Michael Hughes
    PO Box 132
    Mahaffey, PA 15757

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Best Wishes,

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