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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013


It really happened! Just a couple weeks ago, I walked across the platform with a masters degree in Spiritual Formation and Soul Care from Talbot Seminary.  The last three years of study have been a blur, and yet the presence and provision of God have been unmistakable. I wrote a post about starting this journey in 2010. It’s hard to believe I am now closing this chapter. Thanks to everyone who has played a part in helping me achieve this goal. I am forever grateful and continuing to count on your prayers as God guides my next steps…

Thanks again!!

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2012 Update

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012

It’s a new year, and it feels like a major chapter in my life and ministry has begun along with it. Here’s just a little backstory to keep you all in the loop. About two years ago, I sensed a calling away from the concert tour life and toward a more local, community oriented ministry. I felt God wanted to grow me deeper in relationship with others, and I was missing my family in big ways, too! I started grad school for a Masters in Spiritual Formation at Biola’s Talbot Seminary and was invited to join our church staff at ROCKHARBOR in a brand new, volunteer missionary role called “City Pastor”.
It’s been a wild ride so far, and God has opened some incredible doors! I lead worship now for homeless people at the park, inter-denominational church gatherings, and pastors’ prayer lunches, but beyond the music, I’ve felt an intense burden to reach out to the public schools and the 1,000s of students in our city without direction, proper care, or hope-giving goals. To address this need, I’ve partnered with area churches, principles and administrators, and spearheaded an At-Risk Teen Mentoring Program. We recruited and trained 50 mentors, wrote a 14-week curriculum, and launched 15 mentoring groups on two campuses, reaching over 100 of our most vulnerable, under-resourced teens. More schools and individuals are jumping on board every week now, and I can’t wait to see how this will grow! One student wrote recently; ”Thanks so much for putting me in the Mentoring Group. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
Along with our school outreach, my wife and I have felt a call to the Hispanic communities in our city. We’ve been building relationships with these families for years now and through our church’s support, we’ve been able to provide groceries in tough times for our neighbors, or cover a rent payment or a medical bill, but most importantly we’ve had the chance to sit down, hang out, sing karaoke, develop bonding relationships, and have our hearts stretched for others. As I’m struggling to learn Spanish, many of our neighbors are still struggling with English, and the idea came up in our group to host a night called “Share Your English”. We thought rather than have it be classroom oriented, we’d have it at our house with food, conversation, and games for kids – trying a bit to return the extravagant hospitality we’ve received. It was a hit! With the partnership of three other churches now, Share Your English happens once a week at various homes and locations. Here’s a recent quote from an attendee; “(My host) welcomes my children and I into her home as if we were her family. My kids feel so happy there and are proud to be participating with the other children. If I miss class, I feel like something is missing from my week. All that has happened on Baker St. has given me new life.”
As you can imagine, maintaining these programs, recruiting volunteers, and providing visionary leadership is a full-time job. Now that I am not traveling as much, receiving offerings and selling CDs, our main source of support has become our monthly partners. Our church, the City Foundation, MIKA, and several generous individuals have jumped in, but we are still short of our budget in order to be fully sustaining. We’d like to invite in more monthly partners to join this adventure! If God lays it on your heart, or you know of someone who might want to be involved, please let us know. Thank you!

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Posted by on Dec 20, 2011


It’s been a big year:
“Worship in the Park” each week for the homeless community // multi-church worship gatherings // reconciliation + church unity // tour dates across the state // encouraging emails:

“You probably don’t remember me at all but You had a huge affect on my spiritual life. You were the worship band at Sugarpine Christian Camp  when I was in High school and then again when I was a counselor at a youth camp.  You were always such a great influence on the campers.”

“I just wanted to let you know the first time I heard your song I CRIED LIKE A BIG FAT BABY. WE LOVE YOU BROTHER!”

At-Risk Teen mentoring at two public schools + curriculum rewrite + 50 mentors trained + over 100 students impacted // 1,000 backpacks of food donated for county’s homeless students // more emails:

“My experience yesterday was one of the most spirit-filled occurrences I’ve ever had besides my mission trip to Africa.”

“I feel so special that I was chosen to be in this group!”

MIKA’s Youth Action Team cordinator (leadership development) // OCforOC (One Church for Our City) Lead Team // Talbot Seminary scholarship recipient: Spiritual Formation // still more emails:

“We did not have anyone to help us. …All that has happened on Baker St. has given me new life. I feel good and important being a leader. I feel proud of my community.”

We are truly grateful beyond words for your friendship and support.  As you can see, we’ve stepped even deeper into a missionary journey of faith, risk, and dependence this year, and we are excited for what God has in store next.  We treasure your partnership!

Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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Talent Show ROCKS!

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011

Talent Show ROCKS!

Our long-time friends and neighbors, The Maddox family, joined us for the fifth year of directing our elementary school’s Talent Show, and it was another smashing success! Over 20 acts performed, including some young ones who took the stage for the very first time. Here’s one parent’s email; “Thank you for your time and talent in coordinating such a great avenue to show off all our Killybrooke kids. We appreciate what it took to put the try-outs, rehearsals, assemblies and show together, and so thankful for all you do.” A teacher summed up our mission well when she commented that the show develops a new confidence in the participants, changing the way they view themselves and the way others view them. For some students, it literally transforms their community experience. We couldn’t be more honored to play a part!

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Kids Klub LAUNCH!

Posted by on Jan 18, 2011

Kids Klub LAUNCH!

We’ve been feeling led in a few different directions these days with our ministry. I still love sharing my songs and especially excited about the new material, but it seems God is also stirring in my wife and I a vision for serving a little closer to home – and doing it together! We’ve loved the relationships we’ve built at our kids’ public school, and the last two summers we’ve even been able to host a VBS there. We had 100 kids attend last summer! With the idea of wanting to build on that connection, we decided to try an after-school program series. So, last month we hosted 70 kids for 3 Wednesdays at the school. We taught about poverty and generosity, packaging 11 Christmas care boxes for neighborhood families in need. It was awesome!

I taught the kids the chorus of “We Are the World”, they made up hand motions (of course), and we performed the song for the parents on the last day.  To see more pictures of the event, visit the Facebook album here.

We’re excited for what’s next!  Tomorrow we’ll begin auditions and practices for the school Talent Show.  It’s our fourth year directing it.  We’ll do a couple days a week of that for the month, as we help guide and shape each students’ act.  A lot of our job at the very beginning is simply reminding kids (and parents) where an appropriate moral line is drawn regarding song lyrics and material.  It’s amazing the challenge we have in keeping the acts family oriented and “G” rated, but the pay-off is worth it, and it’s a profound joy to see the pride and accomplishment beaming in a child’s face after a great performance.  May God guide and bless this endeavor once again!

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