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Are you too busy?

Posted by on May 29, 2014

Are you too busy?

week chart

There’s a lot of talk out there about “self-care”, avoiding burn-out, and leaders leading themselves well.  God’s command of Sabbath made the top-10, after all.  Sometimes it can be confusing as to what personal steps need to be taken, but here’s a fun, quick test to gauge where you might be at.  Look at the chart above and put an X on each box where you have a commitment, work related or otherwise, even if it’s just an hour.  If your week’s schedule changes frequently, consider looking back at last week and filling it in that way…  The goal is try and carve out at least 3 blocks with no X’s where you are “unavailable” and able to connect and be with God and others, unscheduled and “off the clock”.  15-18 X’s in a week is a healthy balance, but more than that is too much… And, while you’re considering this idea of Sabbath, space, rest, and what to do with the free time you’re blocking out, check out this quick, short blog post on the power of silence.

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