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Best Worship Video EVER

Posted by on Apr 2, 2010

Tonight we ponder Good Friday and then celebrate Christ’s victory on Easter Sunday. These are some of the biggest gatherings our churches will ever have this year. Many of us worship leaders will be in front of our largest audiences, and quite frankly, we’re feeling a bit of the buzz. With all the excitement, services planned, productions being set up, big and small (Jonas Brothers at Saddleback?), I’m praying we all move beyond the staging and lights this weekend toward the deeper purposes at play. And just as a reminder, here’s a cutting-edge take on the whole thing:

(Of course, the British lead the way once again…)


Now, will I still be putting on my skinny jeans, my tight, vintage, black button down with the perfect thrift-store suit vest (Good Friday, you know), tucking my ear-bud deftly behind some bed-head highlights, strapping on the Hummingbird, and walking up to the microphone a few times this weekend? Yes. Will this video be nagging my every move? Yes.

And I think that’s a good thing.

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