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Faith, Trust, and GHOSTS!

Posted by on Oct 29, 2009

Faith, Trust, and GHOSTS!

“I don’t trust anybody.”

A friend was confiding to us how difficult it is to trust.  In the journey of faith, trusting is definitely a key component, but sometimes it’s so hard to do!  There’s tons of verses in the Bible that talk about trusting even being sort of a gateway to God and His guidance, but how to get there?  One time a few years ago, I really sensed God give me a thought about trust that came out like this; TRUST=JOY.  It’s true, I really think joy is also a byproduct of trust – very hard to have one and not the other – so if you want to be joyful in life, well, you’ve got to trust, and I’ve discovered that the more you trust, the more joy you’ll have.

So, this Halloween I’ve been thinking a lot about the spiritual; God, Satan, demons, etc…, and call me crazy, simplistic, childish, or whatever, but I really believe the Bible literally, and I believe in God, Satan, demons, angels, parting seas, people-swallowing fish, talking shrubbery…the whole thing!  If demons are real, and the devil is trying to keep us from God and His goodness, then I imagine they do NOT want us to learn to trust – in anything!  Their goal is to keep us from trusting, from joy, from God, and they never give up, but the good news is that God is more powerful than Satan, and God invites us to use His power against Satan’s attacks.  There’s many places in the Bible where we’re instructed to talk right to the demons (crazy, I know) and tell them something like this; “By the power of Jesus Christ, I tell you Satan; let go of me and get out of my life!”

Why don’t you give this a try next time you’re feeling unable to trust (no better time than Halloween)?  What have you got to lose?  Go on, just try it.  I probably pray a prayer like this over one topic or another about once a week, and I almost ALWAYS feel the crazy sensation of something really shifting in the spiritual realm.  Totally weird, but I’ve felt it to be true!  Besides, no one will make fun of you if it doesn’t work, and if it does…you just might be on a new path to freedom.

A great prayer to follow this up could be; “God, please help me to trust.”  He really wants to help you take those big leaps of faith where real life begins.



  1. Where are the ghosts in this story? Ghosts are not demons, they are ghosts. After Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to his discpiples he said he wasn’t a ghost, he didn’t day they don’t exist. Have a great Halloween and watch out for those ghosts!

  2. Great posting Justin.
    Trust is the key ingredient of faith. Because trust is another word for faith, If you trust in something then you have faith in it.
    You are very correct that the devil and his demons want to keep us from serving GOD and when he puts a wedge between believers, he separates us and then form GOD.

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