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Family Activity Idea; The Toast!

Posted by on Nov 16, 2009

Family Activity Idea; The Toast!

One of the ways our culture remembers and celebrates a person or occasion is with a “toast”.  You may have seen this at a wedding or a formal meal of some kind; someone will stand up, raise their glass of whatever they’re drinking, say something like “To the bride!” and that’s the signal for everyone to clink their glasses with each other and take a sip of their drinks.  I was thinking of this custom the other day while getting ready to celebrate a Sabbath family dinner with candles, special blessings, and grape juice.  As each of us began to share things that God was teaching us through the week, or things He’s helped us with, it seemed completely natural to want to make a toast after each story – to Jesus!  So as my youngest daughter finished talking, I raised my glass of grape juice and declared, “Let’s have a toast:  To Jesus!”
“Yay, Jesus!” everyone echoed.  Then we clinked our glasses together and took a drink.  It was so fun, we decided to do it after each person shared.  There were lots of toasts to Jesus that night.  He deserves it more than anyone!

P.S.  One polite element of toasting is to make sure you look the person in the eye that you are clinking your glass with.  So, not only do you get to remember and celebrate Jesus through this activity, you also get a chance to connect with each other, too!

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