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FOUR New Chapters!

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

FOUR New Chapters!

Advent greetings, friends!

Have you noticed that “advent” forms the first part of the word “adventure”? And what could be more thrilling than diving deep into a journey of freedom, of following and becoming more like Jesus? That’s why I’m writing Trailmap; to serve as a guide to spiritual adventure, to map out a way toward true connection with God that previously might have been reserved for monks, missionaries, or “holy people”. This is contemplative Christianity for regular folks, an intimate experience for the rest of us. My vision through the last two decades of ministry and a seminary degree in spiritual formation has only become clearer with each new bend in the road. Will you join me on the adventure? For any contribution amount, I will offer a first-glimpse of Chapters 1-4, complete with prayer exercises and devotional reflection questions. These 55 pages bring to light fresh insights on prayer, devotional resources, and finding a personal path to spiritual wholeness, and this end-of-the-year charitable donation is tax-deductible and goes toward a great cause; our passionate calling to strengthen the soul of the Church and develop fresh ways of reaching out. Thanks for considering joining us in this way… Advent Blessings to you this holiday season! So, click the button below and continue the adventure!


Of course, you can always support our nonprofit through a check or use your credit card over the phone. Here’s the info:

Justin Fox Ministries
2356 Edgeview Ln.
Midlothian, VA 23113
(804) 318-6477

…and you might be asking yourself, “Why would I pay for only part of a book that is unedited and unpublished, anyway?” It might help to think of it more like a free-will donation that comes with a personal thank you letter (that’s four chapters long!). What’s fun about this is, these pages are “uncooked”, un-marketed, and not undiluted by focus groups or branding companies. This is un-distilled, raw content from the heart. You can’t put a price on that, so we didn’t. Any amount triggers a PDF copy to your email…and we mean any amount, so don’t be shy and don’t be embarrassed if you’re only able to do something very small. It’s all good and all goes to Kingdom work! Thanks again!

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