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HAPPY NEW YEAR…and nothing’s changed…

Posted by on Jan 1, 2008

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m resting up for my midnight gig tonight…

(even though the date to the right says “1/01″…is this Y2K???)

(starting to stockpile some water now…)

Anyway, the family and I are up here in Nor Cal, staying with relatives, playing Guitar Hero, Webkinz, Tamagotchi…everyone still in their pajamas and socks…definitely experiencing “down time” at it’s finest!

I’m reflecting on the eve of the new year ahead, and actually struck by the faithful, unchanging nature of God! Just like you, I actually have NO IDEA what the new year holds (or what next week looks like for that matter), but I feel comforted by the simple fact that in this season of change, we get to experience a love that never changes. God’s ridiculous, undeserved favor toward us is a constant reason to wake up in the morning. Everyday He’s there. He’s excited to lovingly lead us toward REAL LIFE…His song is playing…He’s ready to teach us the steps to the dance…

…and He’ll be there tomorrow.

Nothing’s changed.

Happy New Year!

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