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I bought Willy BREAKFAST!

Posted by on Aug 26, 2007

I bought Willy BREAKFAST!

You’ve probably gotten sick of me by now mentioning over and over to everyone I meet this new book; The Shack. Well, yah, it’s awesome, and the author just happens to actually be a very cool guy! We started talking over some emails, and an amazing, out of the blue but very genuine friendship formed by God’s grace. Cool stuff. img_4416.jpgSo, I’m on tour in the Northwest with a free Saturday morning and a borrowed car. I realize I’m pretty close to where he lives in Gresham, OR, and I invite myself over for breakfast! It’s crazy, but somehow he accepts!!! We actually meet at this funky diner and have an incredible time talking and getting to know each other over some weak coffee and great omelets. He has an amazing, jaw dropping, heart wrenching personal story. It was beyond inspiring to be in a face to face discussion with this guy. He’s a walking miracle and testament to God’s grace, goodness, and power. I’m still processing the deep stuff we talked about; like how God is not “present” in the future – but present in the NOW, how real Freedom is discovered, how God loves everyone uniquely and particularly, how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – the whole gang – are INSIDE me…hmmm…. Buy ME breakfast sometime and I’ll tell you more! …and READ The Shack!!!

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