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New Year Devo // Week 3

Posted by on Jan 19, 2020

New Year Devo // Week 3

WEEK 3 / Jan. 19-25

“Jesus’ Temptation”

Read Matthew 4:1-11

Imagine you are looking on from afar…

  • What do you notice about Jesus before Satan comes to tempt him, during the temptation and after the temptation?

When the temptations are over, imagine yourself going over and speaking to Jesus. Journal your interaction with Jesus. What do you say, and why? How does Jesus respond to you?

Close with pondering the words of this poem:

“Stones into Bread” (by Malcolm Guite)

The Fountain thirsts, the Bread is hungry here

The Light is dark, the Word without a voice.

When darkness speaks it seems so light and clear.

Now He must dare, with us, to make a choice.

In a distended belly’s cruel curve

He feels the famine of the ones who lose

He starves for those whom we have forced to starve

He chooses now for those who cannot choose.

He is the staff and sustenance of life

He lives for all from one Sustaining Word

His love still breaks and pierces like a knife

The stony ground of hearts that never shared,

God gives through Him what Satan never could;

The broken bread that is our only food.

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