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  1. Hey Justin-you probably don’t remember me–my husband Dave (the sound guy!!) and I worked with Gabe and Angie Guterres in Sebastopol, CA a few years back. I was looking on ccli for a song and saw that you had videos up there–I was really excited to see you guys!!
    Your family has grown a little since we last saw you all! Congrats and take care!
    Heather Strickland

  2. Justin Fox U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luv your website just luv it. hope u had a nice time by the way luv your poster.

    Your music rocks
    hav u got msn if u dont try and get it

  3. You rock

  4. Hi Justin–I’ve checked your site from time to time over the years and each time am blown away! You have the same passion and drive as you did in high school and your lyrics still rock; though now you’re equipped by a gorgeous family and a right-fancy Web site. (: Anyway, I just want you to know that I am as proud of you now as I was back then and I wish you continued joy in your life!! ~Colleen

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