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The Van’s Last Mile

Posted by on Aug 29, 2011

The Van’s Last Mile

It seems fitting that this post would follow one I just wrote about God’s provision and walking by faith.  Ah, God’s timing!  We are getting to live it out now, so here’s the scoop…

It’s time to say goodbye-

to our beloved touring van. 200,000 miles of love, music, laughter, and ministry. She will be greatly missed!!

This 15-passenger Ford Clubwagon has also doubled as our second family car, so we’re in quite a pinch.  We’d love your prayers as we seek God these next few weeks for His direction.  I’m touring less with the band these days, so we mainly need an around-town family car that gets ok gas mileage.  Should we use our small, emergency savings to buy an older 7-seater for around $3,000 – Or, do we wait to see if God will provide somehow in another way?  We’re going to take a few weeks, juggling one car and praying for what God has next…

Will you pray along with us?  If you know of any cars that could fit our family of six, we’d love to hear about them.  Also, if you know someone that fixes and replaces engines, who’d be interested in buying our van, please let us know!  Our non-profit ministry can receive tax-deductible contributions, and we’d be hugely blessed with however God directs you.

Have you been fortunate enough to experience a road trip in our well worn van??  Or, do you have a favorite memory?  Send us a comment here or on Facebook, and we’ll send her off in grand style!

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