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Band Rocks DVD Release Parties!

Posted by on Feb 28, 2008

This DVD project was so huge for us, that we need…count ’em…3 RELEASE CONCERTS (haha), and the first two are now behind us…

We were able to hold these two shows at Newport Mesa Church and Pathway; two main student communities that infused our DVD audience with such energy and personality…inspired of course by their amazing leaders; Lynette Janzen and Ron Young… THANKS, YOU GUYS!!! I was personally, totally blown away by the support and encouragements of both groups.

Tuesday started off with a bang at NMC, with Joe Morgan rockin’ the leads with us, and me cracking up on the mic as the crowd took over during my brother Josh Fox’s hit “Sister Grace”. What was so funny to me was just seeing these massive guys completely invade the stage (we were just set up on the ground, and they’re all taller than us) in a frenzy of crazy moshing, crowd surfing, and interpretive dancing…yah, that’s right; interpretive dancing…amazingly hilarious! They were all about 12 years old when I first performed for this group, so my laughter was mixed with tears of gratitude and pride, too!

I’ve been sharing our story in concert, of faith and surrender, and when we hit “Take Me Over” it amazed me that after 10 years of doing that song, it still moves and communicates with poignancy. We closed the show with another classic request…from 1993!…“Keep on Shinin'”…complete with Side 1-Side 2 Contest and Sweet Home Alabama breakdown…

The next night at Pathway, we rocked “Beautiful” and “Hallelujah” to close it out. We were floored at their awesome DVD Release Party decorations; surfboards, hula dolls, a scuba diver floating near the ceiling!, and their generous hospitality! …each band member’s OWN iced bucket of water bottles??? (usually we’re all drawing straws for ONE water bottle) We left with a giant pickle jar of money. It’s humbling to see God lead people to support us financially…just out of nowhere…we got some amazing gifts this week, and I’m left with an overwhelming sense of God’s Favor and Provision…


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