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Coolest Car Ever!

Posted by on May 22, 2007

Coolest Car Ever!

So I’m renting a car last weekend for a short tour through Central Cal, and I got the Toyota Prius… I didn’t know anything about it, but quickly became a SUPERFAN! Yah, I’m totally nerding out on this thing!!! In fact, I had to show you how it turns on:
I loved getting awesome gas milage, driving in the CARPOOL LANE all the time, and feeling all “green” and everything. The NorCal spirit so overtook me that, before long, I was even eating home-made Granola in the car…granola.jpg


  1. Funny! Someone I know has one of these too and she is FANATICAL about the gas mileage meter. Justin goes green!

  2. You are hillarious! I’d seen a Prius before – but now I’ve SEEN a Prius.

  3. —I’m a willing tour-guide on this one!

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