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Demo #5 – “In Your Hands”

Posted by on May 29, 2007

Here’s a CRAZY STORY!!!

Last night, I had a dream where Pete Shambrook and I were leading worship together at some event, and I was hanging out backstage, right after sound check, and vamping on this chorus I was writing to lead out of “Lord, I Give You My Heart”. Anyway, I woke up and had the song still in my head! I got up (4 a.m.) and scribbled it down…chords and everything….from the DREAM!

Here’s how it came out in real life…


  1. AHA! I have found you! Don’t worry Justin, I won’t tell anyone! Tee hee…

  2. hi justin its me anthony from the jr.high camp. im the bald one that you called up on stage. comment me at myspace.com

    p.s my myspace e-mail address is baseballhero@myspace.com22

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