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Demo #7 – “The One” (Message Song)

Posted by on Jun 27, 2007

My writing journeys have intersected a few times with The Message Bible translation, and it’s been a fun combination! I have three other tunes like this one, written using almost 100% Bible scripture from The Message. I had the chance to meet Eugene Peterson recently and personally thank him. He’s an amazing man! I want to grow old like THAT GUY! I love the freedom of the language used. Eugene said he wrote The Message for regular, average people, right off the street…I relate to that. So, here’s the first one – a hillbilly romp nicked from Psalm 57….


  1. It’s such a good song Dad!!!! I love it!

  2. hey justin this is anthony. If you dont remember Im the bald kid from the calvery chapel jr. high camp. your songs are so awesome. I thought it was so cool to be there at your concert. I really wish I went on stage when you called me and all of my friends up. I cant stop listening to your cd that I bought. Its a good thing that I bought a cd at your concert than online or else it would have been ten bucks more. your so cool. I wanted to buy a button too but I only had $6 and I wanted a guitar pick and a cd. If you want to comment back my E-mail for myspace is baseballhero@myspace.com. I think its pretty cool to travel around the world doing concerts.

  3. Thanks for the note, Anthony! THE PACKINGHOUSE ROCKS!!!

  4. This romp rocks Justin. And by the way. . . you Sir Fox are anything but regular average folk. . . Sorry about all the comments all at once – I had to catch up!

  5. You’re the Comment Queen! You’re definitely going to win whatever contest we ever make up!!!!!

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