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ECUADOR in pictures

Posted by on Jul 27, 2009

ECUADOR in pictures

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

My parents graciously watched our four children as Heidi and I embarked on the adventure of the summer.  We hit the ground running – arriving into Guayaquil around midnight and wandering the airport with no cell numbers, contacts, names, or pick-up information (totally my fault – and NOT a good husbandly move!).  Luckily, before intense marriage therapy was required, our awesome host, Kirk Smith, finally pulled up.

The week was a blur of concert ministry, chapel services, radio interviews, and visiting families in need.  Heidi’s camera captured some of it in the picture strip above; the big concert Friday night (2,500 people and my sweet backing band :), a big city in massive poverty, bright young faces with fragile futures, the family we’re partnering with – providing a school scholarship for the 7 year old in front, make-shift radio, hundreds of autographs and new friendships, and a lasting passion to do MORE.

So, we’ve accepted an invitation from LACC to help raise more scholarships. There are over 3,500 students that attend the awesome Christian school we partnered with. We were able to experience it first-hand and see what amazing work is going on; kids literally being rescued from poverty, a top-notch education in an environment of joy, and the presentation of real hope through the message of Jesus. I have a stack of about a hundred kids awaiting the chance for a scholarship to attend the school, and just $32 a month is all it takes. All transactions go through LACC, and they’ll guide you in corresponding with your student and any other questions you may have. Would you consider making this a part of your ministry giving? Shoot me an email, and I can help you right NOW to connect with a child in need and make a lasting difference. Thanks for considering joining us!

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