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I wrote a book!

Posted by on Jun 1, 2010

I wrote a book!

I turned 40 yesterday, and to celebrate the season – to put a line in the sand – I’ve written six chapters of history. Part memoir, part advice column, teaching tool, and ministry resource…here’s my take, from nearly 20 years of touring, on MISSION, CALLING, SONGWRITING, MUSIC BUSINESS, BOOKING, STAGE PRESENCE, BALANCE, and WORSHIP LEADING.

It’s $10, comes in PDF format on CD, includes an audiobook, wallpaper, and 10 rare MP3s, and right now, there’s only one way to get it:


Thanks for your support!

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  1. Justin,

    I am halfway through your book and throughly enjoying it. The book is such a personal story that I switch to listening to it so I can hear it in your own voice. As you know, I have no intention of being a full time Christian musician but the value of your book transcends you tips and instruction and teaches through example how to be God’s no matter what.

    Thanks for leading like you do. You have always been in front.


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