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Posted by on Dec 7, 2010


Brand-new, long awaited fresh music from the Justin Fox band is finally here.

This is Justin’s 10th CD!  Three years in the making, it will be released in two parts. Although the second half (early 2011) will feature five new acoustic, intimate tunes, this first volume charges out of the gate with six new songs arranged with the full band in peak form; Joe Servia on bass, John Macelwee on the drums, Brandon Bee filling in the gaps with guitars, Wurlitzers, accordions, background vocals, and hand-claps, and the 160 ft. Naperville Carillon bell tower leading it all off.

Justin’s strong pull toward the coast is still very much a theme on this album, but while “Seabright” may have been a warm, sunny day at the beach, this collection of songs is more suited for a hoodie and a fogged-in afternoon. The minor keys and denser motifs meander over the topics of reconciliation, anxiety, fear, and hope.

Written in California by Justin Fox, produced in Seattle by Brandon Bee (Geffen, Sony, Warner, Amber Pacific), and mixed in Nashville by Todd Robbins (Downhere, Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves)

Whether digital downloads or physical CD’s, we’re committed to a donation-basis structure, so you can name-your-own-price, and order the new 6-song EP here:

And, please consider visiting our website store for the entire Justin Fox catalog (Christmas CD anyone???) – all on a donation basis – shipping included:
Any orders before December 18 in the U.S. will make it for Christmas!

A gull skims along a curling wave, its wingtip almost touching the crest, its body motionless, its face impassive. Too sleepy to do more than grumble, a sea lion lazing on a rock watches the bird soar past. Low and unambitious, the surf washes softly over the sand, stretching thin like a wakening cat, before sliding again into the sea. Thin fog creeps back and forth, trying to decide whether to lie over the water or infiltrate farther inland. A pale blob in the haze, a fishing boat slips by, the sound of its engine a muffled chug-chug-chug. When the world closes in on a person, the beach is an open place, a place to be alone…

A place where saltwater tides erase the past, where mistakes drift out to sea on waves of melody,

and this is the soundtrack…

This is the sound

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