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NEW ALBUM…almost here!

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012

NEW ALBUM…almost here!

See the project here!

This is it…

PLEASE HELP US finish the new album!  We've set up a pre-order fundraising campaign at Kickstarter.  We need you to play a part!  Please click on the above image to see the site, watch the video, and jump in with us…

23 days to go…

If we do not raise the needed $3,000 to finish this project in the next 23 days, all the pledges are returned and this recording is shelved once again…


Yes, I know that these email blasts typically get ignored, but if you were to respond to ANYTHING from me this year, please let this be it!

Thank you

I realize you get a ton of email – thank you for keeping up with us.  We appreciate your support, prayers, and encouragement.

Thanks again,

Justin, the Fox family, and the Band! 

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