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NEW CD: Pre-Production Day 1

Posted by on Aug 8, 2007

NEW CD: Pre-Production Day 1

Ok, so here’s the pieces of the puzzle: My long time buddy; Tim lives in an amazing tudor mansion near Seattle. It’s like an estate where you write poetry, sip tea, and watch the falling rain. I have 5 concerts up here this week, so I’m staying with him. My brand new friend; Brandon Bee just happens to be a world-class record producer living 3 streets away… So, put it all together… and it worked out perfect to be working on the new songs with Brandon and getting ready to record the RECORD OF OUR LIVES! I am SO thankful for these two friends and their generous contribution to my life, music, and ministry. Thanks guys!!!

Here’s our gracious host, and music aficionado; Tim:


The first day today went amazing! So, here’s a picture of Brandon, playing my guitar
as we worked on some tunes:


Yep, that’s a REAL DEER head in there! We’re hangin’ in the Trophy Room. We
turned “In My Weakness”, “Again we come to You”, “Psalm 23”, and “When the
World Closes In” into ridiculously cool, bluesy, rockin’ super-arranged
songs that are so much stronger (and more fun, I think!).

Here’s what these sessions kind of sound like:

One funny story:
As we were playing, something smelled funky in there! For several hours we each
silently thought the other was having some issues like stinky feet or
passing gas or something, and then, as we were getting up to leave we
finally noticed the big pile of dog poop on the carpet!

Ahhh, nothing like the wilderness of the Northwest…


  1. Dude sounds sweet!!! I just compared this new take to the old one you posted. It’s really groovin’ now. Keep it up guys.

  2. Thanks, Trent! Nice to know someone’s actually checkin’ out the blog!!! Hope to hang next week sometime, yah? SURFIN’ TUESDAY???!

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