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NEW MUSIC just released!

Posted by on Jul 24, 2010

NEW MUSIC just released!

Several months ago, I was invited to try and write some worship songs for young children (ages 3-10ish). Since I have a few of those in my house already (the kids, I mean), I felt I had a sense for it, and I dove in. All alone with a laptop and my guitar, I sang my heart out, crying and laughing as I felt God’s inspiration like never before. I wrote eight songs that afternoon! I submitted them all to the producers, and I’m honored to have two of these songs included in the new release Songs from the Playhouse. It’s a high-energy compilation featuring the legendary talents of Kenny Aronoff, Matt Bissonette, and Crystal Lewis. It’s been released internationally by Kingsway, EMI, and David C. Cook. Click the image for the link to it on iTunes:

The two songs I wrote are “Big God Story” (a wide-angle look at the big picture of God’s love and plan for us) and “Child of God” (a celebration of our identity in Christ). They’re both simple tunes that the rockin’ band turned into pop-punk, foot stomping, shout-along scorchers – sure to be a welcome jolt to your family’s music collection. I’m so excited to be part of this newest generation’s worship expression!

There’s also a second album in the series, created more for older, elementary age students, and it’s all a compliment to a brand new family church curriculum by David C. Cook and our ROCKHARBOR church called TRU.  If you click the image above, it’ll take you to the website for more info!

And here’s the link for more info on the worship albums, plus a promo video capturing the making of, behind the scenes:


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