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NY Tour Diary :: Day 2

Posted by on Mar 24, 2009

Yaaaahhhh, what a day! It started with the ‘ol free hotel breakfast, but it went down well, and I had some good solitude with God with Psalm 41 as the soundtrack…”You never fail to stand me tall in your presence so I can look you in the eye” (v. 12 – The Message). I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness and nearness, especially on these solo trips. I hit the hotel gym and then got to work on the concert scheduling, a little web maintenance, and writing and returning emails.

Samme’s mom had to have stress-tests at the hospital, so he’s there with her and I’m on my own for lunch. I decide to walk a few blocks through the bright, blinding, bitter cold. I am the ONLY person outside. No one else is walking…anywhere! There are no sidewalks. Anyway, I survive lunch, work some more back at the hotel, get through #10 on Blender’s new song list, watch all the U2 Letterman performances on YouTube, and get picked up for the service tonight; Oasis Christian Fellowship’s Tuesday night Bible study. Samme is back. His mom is doing better. Everyone shares prayer requests. After prayer, Samme introduces me with the same introduction he gave me 10 years ago at GMA week in Nashville; “If you just got here…you’re just in time…for Justin Fox!” It was a flashback in the best way. It’s so great hanging out with Samme again! His Tuesday night group is a warm, responsive, welcoming crowd, and I had an amazing time worshiping with them, sharing my songs and singing together. It felt like a big living-room. I was honored to be a part. Afterward, I was blown away by everyone’s generosity at the “tent” table (Samme called the merchandise “tents”…like, along with the apostle Paul, I’m a tent-maker and these CDs, DVDs, shirts, beanies, etc…are my tents…so he encouraged everyone to check out all my camping items…I LOVE IT!!!). I even met a guy; Lou, who decided to let me borrow his car this week, so I wouldn’t have to rent one (“forgettaboutit” he said)! He also has a motorized surfboard…for reals…I will see it tomorrow and try to take a picture.

—dinner with the team at Uno’s and hoping to get rest for my early chapel service tomorrow morning, the drive into Canada, and another evening concert…

Day 2 down!

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  1. Very cool day. Thanks for bringing us in. I read this morning in 1 Peter in verse 11-12 Peter reminds us not to get to cozy in this world. Then I read your blog. I think you are living this verse out. I often wonder, in spite of all my efforts if in fact I am too cozy.

    Thanks again for sharing. Can’t wait to hear more.


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