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NY Tour Diary :: Day 3

Posted by on Mar 25, 2009

NY Tour Diary :: Day 3


I made it! I’m here in another country…across the river. Today started awesome with a lively Christian school chapel concert at 10am. They were actually shouting for CDs by song 3! That’s never happened…and it’s the one gig that Samme told me NOT to bring any CDs!  The Chinese food was really good, though.

I picked up the borrowed car, and it’s a beauty; a soulfully vintage ’95 Ford Aspire. The speedometer doesn’t work so I can go as fast as I want! Oh yah, and here’s the promised picture…2 words;


This thing is sitting in a NY garage on the Lake Ontario coast, and Louie will fire it up for you – It’s ready to roll!!!

I crossed into Canada this afternoon, stopped to catch a glimpse of the Niagara Falls, and headed to lasagna with a friend I haven’t seen in…gulp…25 years! Our families lived in Bangkok, Thailand together. He’s now a worship leader here and was able to sneak me into the youth gathering. Here’s the rundown; Canadian audiences are quite reserved – I misplaced my capo somewhere – my voice took a dive in the middle of the show – I nursed some tea afterward – inhaled some steam – and…well…it was kind of a challenging night.  I’m thankful for my friend’s warm hospitality, his capo, his family’s generous support, and the comfy bed that’s calling my name!  How cool to have a friend like that; a brother in Christ, reunited from around the world!

I pray God used my feeble ramblings somehow in the lives of teenagers today. I pray my voice recovers for tomorrow. If you’re the prayin’ type, keep me in mind…


  1. Voice dumps can’t be good. I suppose calling in sick is not cool. I will Pray. – Kirk

  2. Hey there Justin,

    Just wanted to thank you again for ministering to the Youth of Smithvile CRC on Wednesday night. Your songs are very inspiring to worship God! I absolutely love the CD I purchased that night. Keep shining for Him!

    Blessings in His Awesome Name!,

    Brenda Wagter

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