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NY Tour Diary :: Day 4

Posted by on Mar 26, 2009

Oh man, thanks for your prayers, everyone!!!  My voice recovered and my singing at tonight’s concert was totally fine!  A real miracle.  I tried to stay quiet all day except to answer the U.S. Border officer’s questions…as he pulled me out of the car and SEARCHED IT!  I didn’t know what was going on.  I just tried to stay calm and not look guilty or nervous…but that’s when you look the most guilty and nervous, right?!  They finally let me go, and I was sure happy to be back in America.

The Aspire is running like a champ!

My hosts tonight put me up at this really nice hotel overlooking a giant lake.  I was so blessed!  The concert went well.  I’m just super relieved that my voice held up and seems to be getting better and better.  Another big miracle:  I was unable to schedule a Sunday night service on this trip, but still booked my ticket for Monday morning by faith that something could come up.  Well, God’s plan unfolded…A pastor of the local Assemblies church was in the audience tonight and BOOKED ME for this Sunday!!!  Amazing.  I’m so stoked.

I uploaded a new video clip the other day.  It’s a fun piece in the middle of our DVD documentary, including interviews with three of my brothers.  They are STUDS! Oh yah, and I step in dog doo-doo…

Tomorrow I will sleep in for sure…and buy a capo after breakfast.  The Albany youth group concert tomorrow is 3 hours away.  It’s a benefit for the church’s food pantry.  May hearts be touched, motivated, and inspired!

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