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Off to England!

Posted by on Jul 5, 2007

Off to England!


Tomorrow I head for the UK for my third summer. Each trip has been so cool and unique in it’s own way. This time I will be performing a few more times than last, but I’m more excited than ever just to SEE all my friends over there! Actually calling them “friends” sounds so cool. God has been teaching me lately about the high value of relationships…walking in that and seeing the blessing in it has been a great journey. Here’s a big question though: WHY has there always been terrorist stuff every time I go???!!! What’s with that?!

The Guinness Book of World Records is coming out to see my friend Jon Pritikin set the world record for bricks broken with his head! Pray for all of us…


  1. Justin we cannot wait for you to come over AND YOU ARE SO OUR FRIEND. In fact really if we are going to get it right you are actually family. Now you don’t get much closer than that. We love Justin Fox (and Heidi of course).

  2. Thanks, you guys!!!! Can’t wait to see you, too!!!!!!

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